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The product:

These clever little foot finders are by the makers of Sock Ons. They have a little rattle inside, ribbon and are filled with crinkly paper. These are designed to stay on; even a 6 month old tester couldn’t shake them off.


Newborn to 12 months

What we love...

These gently rattle when baby moves her feet. They have the added bonus that with integrated Sock Ons they also keep socks on the baby's feet. 

When babies are in the phase of putting their feet in their mouth constantly, these are safe and fun. Our little product tester was teething whilst trying these out and loved chewing on them rather than on her foot, a welcome change!

The bright colours and design are lovely.

They are easily washable so they stay hygienic.

What we loathe...

There really isn't anything we loathe with this one! We would like some more designs to be made available.

The round-up:

These really would make the ideal baby gift. These multitask as both a toy and more practically, they keep babies' socks on their feet.

The description says they fit a baby between zero and twelve months old. I would suggest you're probably most likely to use these from around two to six months.

Rating: 10/10

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