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Totter and Tumble playmat
Totter and Tumble playmat

The product:

Stylish playmats made of memory foam.

They come in two sizes:

Standard 215cm x 143cm and compact 185cm x 125cm.


Newborn +

What we love...

These playmats are double -sided; each side has a stylish pattern. You can turn them over to change the look of a room.


The mats have been designed to be the size of a standard rug, It’s easy for guests to think you have a new rug, rather than a playmat.


The mats are comfortable for not only baby but also parents to sit on. These can be used for other purposes such as yoga.


Spills wipe up easily.


The mats can easily be rolled up for storage.


Unlike interlocking floor mats, there  aren’t tempting edges for babies to chew.

What we loathe...

These are quite pricey at £140 compared to other playmats.


The surface of the mats can be damaged by sharp objects and are too tempting for cats to resist clawing.


Whilst the mats are padded with thick memory foam, a baby falling from a sitting or standing position will still have an impact; it should reduce any serious injury.


We haven’t been able to find a compatible playpen for the mat, due to its unusual dimensions.  It would be great for Totter and Tumble to release a range of stylish playpens to complement the product.


These mats are not stain resistant so be careful what you clean them with and ensure any spills are cleaned up quickly. This means you should also keep messy play away from the mat.


The round-up:

We love the look of these play mats and the fact they can be turned over to change the look of a room, or if one surface is damaged. They are frequently mistaken for rugs, until someone walks on them.


We do wish they were more durable. The surface coating is thin and is likely to become damaged over time. Shoes, pets and sharp toys are likely to take their toll.

​Rating: 8/10

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