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Tots Ahoy Splash Mat

The product:

A lightweight, waterproof mat to protect the floor from mess and spills.


Newborn +

What we love...

Unlike many other messy mats on the market, this mat is super lightweight and thin. This means it easily folds into its pouch and can be taken out and about to avoid embarrassing clean-ups in restaurants. It can also be kept in a changing bag to be used as an ad hoc play mat if you don’t want baby to sit directly on the floor, although it doesn't have any cushioning.


When letting babies feed themselves, food gets thrown everywhere; this mat catches the majority of food dropped from the highchair. It’s easy to fold up after a meal is over and empty into the bin or sink.


The mat washes easily and dries quickly after being put in the washing machine.


The grey coloured mat is reasonably subtle (as far as baby products go) and blends in with home décor.


The mat is also waterproof which means the floor underneath is really protected.

What we loathe...

You’re likely to need more than one if you have a messy eater, as you will be washing and drying the mat fairly frequently.


The round up

Although quite simple this mat really serves its purpose. We love how compact it is so it can be used at home or put in a changing bag for use out and about.

Rating: 10/10

Tots Ahoy Splash Mat
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