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The product:

A bib and tray set, designed to save the floor from spills during mealtime. This sits over your highchair tray. The bib is attached using velcro so there’s no gap for food to fall into the baby’s lap.



6 months+

What we love...

The bib that comes with this is great. It’s soft and comfortable for baby to wear whilst also being water/food repellent.

The set pops-up and folds down meaning it’s possible to take out and about with you. It comes with its own wet/dry bag.  The tray is easy to wipe down.

This really reduces the mess on the floor as it’s hard for babies to drop food over the edge - perfect for baby-led weaning.

It really helps to keep babies’ clothes clean.

What we loathe...

This won’t work with all highchairs. If yours is small, it’s unlikely to stay attached even with the adaptor that comes with it.

We found the suction cups really poor quality meaning it didn’t stay stuck to the highchair.

You can’t use suction bowls and plates with this mat as they rise up and come unstuck.

Food can get trapped in the bib’s velcro and is impossible to get out even when put through the washing machine.

We would love for each set to come with two bibs, one for the wash whilst the other is in use. Extra bibs can be purchased but this significantly adds to the cost.

The round-up:

This product is a bit hit and miss for us. You need the right type of highchair to use it. It also means that you can’t use other mealtime products that reduce mess such as suction bowls. It will reduce the mess on the floor, but not catch everything.        

Rating: 5/10

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