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Summer Infant sit 'n stye
Summer Infant Sit 'n Style

The product:

A compact and portable feeding chair and booster seat.


From about 6 months to 2 years.

What we love...

We are yet to find a chair that this hasn’t strapped to, including dining chairs with rounded backs.


When eating in restaurants you often find highchairs aren’t suitable for younger babies as the straps aren’t secure and they don’t have a tray for feeding. This chair means you can be sure the baby will have a safe and comfortable seat.


It’s really light and quite compact when folded, great for keeping in the car and would even fit in the basket of some buggies.


We have used this on the floor to keep a baby in one spot for snack time.


It also makes a great additional highchair for visiting guests without taking up storage space.


It’s really easy to clean the seat as it’s all made from plastic, with the exclusion of the straps, which get a bit grubby.

What we loathe...

The description mentions under seat storage, we wouldn't consider this storage, more of a coincidental space created when the tray is folded underneath. It’s possible that items stored under the seat could slip out. If you are using the tray there is no longer any storage compartment.


The way the tray clips onto the seat seems a little basic, it needs to be removed using force. It feels like this could have been designed as a smarter clip to prevent damage to the tray.


The round up

This seat feels a little cheap in places, but then you have to remember it is actually really cheap to buy!


It fulfils its purpose and is a highly adaptable feeding chair and booster seat. It’s absolutely perfect for trips to restaurants without highchairs. Whilst it isn’t cushioned babies seem comfortable in it and it cleans easily.

Rating: 7/10

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