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The product:
A cocoon for newborn babies until eight months old. Sells itself as being for sleep, play, lounging and even nappy changing.


Newborn to 8 months

What we love... ​
This allows you to have a young baby next to you on the sofa, keeping them secure and snuggled up. If you end up bringing the baby into bed with you to co-sleep this is helpful for keeping the covers and pillows away from them.

​It’s great to stop your baby rolling over during the night, so you don’t have the worry of them sleeping on their tummy before you think they are strong enough to push themselves up.

When you have a young baby a cot can seem huge. This helps keep babies snuggled up and is soft enough for them to feel as though they are being cuddled.

What we loathe...
If you have a baby who is sick a lot, you either have to wash the cover frequently or may find yourself forking out for an additional cover, at about £55!

This product stops being useful when your baby grows and is able to move about more. We would suggest it’s unlikely to last you until your baby is eight months.

When your baby outgrows this, you might find they are unable to sleep without it and you will have to buy the next size up.

The round-up:
The Sleepyhead is essentially a bolster pillow in a fancy case, with an eye- watering price. It does allow you to have a very young baby asleep next to you on the sofa or in bed, which can feel invaluable in those early days.

The risk is that your little one will get reliant on sleeping with this, and it is rather bulky to travel with. If you buy one try to wean the baby off it before your baby outgrows it.

Sleeping pods are not recommended by The Lullaby Trust, We always recommend you thoroughly research the safety of baby sleeping aids before you purchase them.

This is probably a must-have item you can actually do without.

Rating 6/10

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