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The product:

Portable buggy rocker. Designed to help soothe your baby to sleep, even when you’re not rocking the buggy.


From Birth

What we love... ​

The Rockit is easy to operate with an on/off button and a strength dial. It rocks rather than vibrates the buggy.


This is easy to attach to your buggy handle using the adaptor clip provided, which stays attached when the device is removed.


The Rockit has a good battery life, so you won’t find yourself having to frequently replace the batteries. Just make sure you remember to turn it off when not in use.


You can purchase additional adaptors, so you can fit the Rockit to more than one buggy. It’s easy to slide on and off the adaptor if your wish to move it from one buggy to another.


It’s safe if your baby gets their hands on it, there aren’t any loose parts.

What we loathe...

It’s not quick to change the batteries, the case needs to be unscrewed using a screwdriver (not included).  Although we understand this as a safety feature it does mean that if the batteries die whilst you’re out you aren’t going to be able to change them. It would be more convenient if this product were rechargeable.


The Rockit works best on lightweight buggies and may struggle to significantly move anything heavy.

The round-up:

This is one of those products it’s hard to conclusively test as a baby’s ability to sleep varies. However we think it has bought us extra time when we’ve returned home and been able to keep a snoozing product tester asleep whilst we unpack shopping.


We think this works best for younger babies who are more used to constant motion to soothe them.


Whilst it’s unlikely to get your baby to sleep it should keep them asleep for longer without you needing to giggle the buggy.

Rating 7/10

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