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The product:

An Isofix car seat that swivels 360 degrees. With an additional, removable, infant carrier.


Newborn to 4 years

What we love…

This is the only 360 degree swivel car seat we’ve seen with a small, lightweight, removable infant carrier.

Being able to remove the infant carrier is by far the best feature of this seat. No-one wants to be having to strap a sleeping newborn into a car seat on a busy roadside.

Our tester has had no issues sleeping in the car seat and always seems snug and comfortable.

Whilst we can’t safety test the car seats we review, this seat does feel secure and substantial. It has side impact shock absorbers.

The seat keeps children rear-facing up to 4 years, with the option to swivel the seat to forward-facing. It’s recommended to keep children rear-facing for travel for as long as possible to increase their safety.

The Isofix base is included as part of the car seat and doesn’t need to be purchased separately.

What we loathe…

It’s quite awkward to fit this into the car as the seat is quite heavy. It’s not something you want to be attempting whilst pregnant.

The newborn seat doesn't clip and unclip easily from the main seat. This has improved with time as the clips have loosened and we have had more practice. The action isn’t very natural.

There is really limited information about which attachments are required to combine the newborn seat with buggy travel systems. On purchasing an adaptor the car seat attaches to buggy adaptors that fit maxi-cosi car seats. This does mean that you are likely to need two sets of adaptors just for your car seat to attach to your buggy frame.

Unlike some Isofix seats this can’t be attached using seatbelts instead of Isofix, this may mean you will need an additional, more portable car seat if you’re planning on using taxis or friends’ cars.

The round-up:

This is the well thought-out car seat one would expect from a brand which also make aeroplane and racing car seats.

The price point feels a little hard to justify, but if you plan to be driving your baby about a lot and don’t want to wake them up getting in and out of the car, this is great. The 360 degree rotation is perfect for mothers that have reduced mobility from childbirth or pregnancy.

Once the baby is past the first stage seat the larger seat is not removable from the car and functions as a rotating Isofix seat only.

Rating: 9/10

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