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Elvie wireless breast pump

RRP £250 available for purchase here

The product A wire-free, rechargeable breast pump that fits into your nursing bra. It is discreet (but not invisible). The company also claims it's silent (it isn't, but it is extremely quiet). App functionality to allow you to adjust the suction and turn the pump on and off. 

What we love... This truly is portable, quick to use. Easy to charge using a micro usb connector. Long usage time per charge with a warning light when the battery is running low.  You can express on one side whilst feeding a baby on the other. Importantly it really is hands free! This allows you to get on with life at the same time as pumping and can allow working mothers to pump discreetly in the office. 

What we loath... The bottle clip repeatedly breaks, you have to contact the company for replacements. The chamber leaks easily if the pump isn't positioned correctly, or if you lean forward.  App functionality is poor, the milk level is extremely inaccurate.  Extra parts are overpriced given the initial cost of the product. A light on top of the pump shows you it's on, this shines through clothing.

Rating 7/10

The round-up The idea behind this pump is amazing, and there is no doubt it's able to make your life easier. It allows you to express without being tied down with wires. However this product has probably been released to the market too soon. I would expect a second release pump to have solved some of the major issues with a breaking bottle clip and leaking pump. The light on the top of the pump is far too bright, no one wants a glowing light in their bra when they are trying to be discreet about pumping. 

The brand's claim about it being silent is false, however compared to other pumps it's surprisingly quiet and makes you feel a bit less like you're in a milking factory!

The advert depicting a dancer wearing the pump is pretty misleading, due to the way the pump is currently designed milk would be leaking from the front and back if you were wearing it whilst moving that much. Wearing it whilst driving, doing your make-up, working is much more realistic. 

Myself and other mothers I've talked to really have a love-hate relationship with this pump. But with no comparable product on the market it's an impressive newcomer.

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