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OXO Tot Stay-Put plate

The product:

Tantrum- proof baby plate with a silicone pad that sticks to surfaces to avoid the plate being tipped over during mealtime, featuring sectioned spaces for food.


6 months +

What we love...

This plate sticks well to surfaces as long as they are clean and smooth and is easy for adults to remove.

Sectioning food is appealing to babies, the way the plate is divided allows for a variety of foods to be presented separately. The middle can be used as a dip section.

Shallow sides allow little hands to easily pick up the food.

Scientists say food tastes better on white plates; most baby plates are bright colours.

What we loathe...

Not good to use with a spoon due to low sides but other styles are available.

When washing this in the sink be careful not to run it directly under a tap as the plates design sprays water out of the sink every time!

The plate is quite expensive but then you only need one and it seems hardwearing.


The round up

We really like this plate and it has become our go-to plate for lunch, perfect for providing a variety of foods and preventing them from being mixed together.

It’s a little on the expensive side but we think it’s worth the price tag. As with most suction plates we have tried we wish this came with a lid for use out-and-about.

Rating: 9/10

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