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The product:

An upright drying rack designed to save space on kitchen counters.


Newborn +

What we love...

Unlike most baby-bottle drying racks, this doesn't try to be bright and colourful; it’s designed not to stand out. When you feel as though baby products are taking over your home this is a good thing!

It sits on a countertop, under a wall cabinet and takes up very little room, whilst still being able to dry more bottles than many other racks on the market (around 9 bottles). The trays on both the top and the bottom are great for drying smaller items, such as bottle teats and dummies.

The design of the hooks allows bottles and pump parts to drain thoroughly.

This rack is very stable given its height and won’t tip over. It has cleverly been designed to be easy to store in cupboards or under the sink when not in use.

What we loathe...

There isn’t really anything we don't like here. We love this product. It would be great to see it in a few more design colours to fit in with kitchen colour schemes, whilst still not looking like a baby product.

The round-up:

This is a product that does what it claims. It’s great value for money and is particularly great for small kitchens, where it can sit behind a plate draining rack, against the wall.

Rating: 10/10

OXO drying rack.jpg
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