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The product...

​A floating bath toy. A mummy octopus and her 8 babies, floating on a numbered pad.

Baby octopuses in a variety of colours are made of a soft silicone and plastic. Each baby octopus is numbered and has a suction pad to stick to the side of the bath. They float and are able to squirt water.

The mummy octopus can be used as a bath sprinkler.


12 months +

Although we've used it from a younger age with constant adult supervision.

What we love...

There are lots of games that can be played with this toy. The numbered pad and octopuses allow for educational number games.

The variety of colours is stimulating and perfect for colour-matching games.

The octopuses squirt water, which encourages interaction during bath time.

The whole toy is lightweight and easy for little hands to pick up and move about.

The mummy octopus can also be used as a sprinkler to rinse babies in the bath.

What we loathe...

Make sure these are emptied out and cleaned regulary to prevent mould from growing.

The round-up:

​We love this bath toy; it keeps babies entertained for ages. It has many fun and educational features to encourage bath time games.

Octopals bath toy is a very reasonable price and definitely a best buy!

Rating: 10/10

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