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The product:

Soft silicone coated baby spoons. Short handles designed for self-feeding. Featuring a choke-guard to help keep baby safe. 



6 months +


What we love...

These are brightly coloured and short and chunky; designed for babies’ hands. 


The choke-guard serves a few additional purposes. It acts as a spoon rest to keep the spoon from contact with the table. It also helps a baby to push food into her mouth. 


Babies enjoy using these as a teether, but they should obviously only be used whilst supervised. 


What we loathe...

We are yet to have more success using these spoons than normal weaning silicone spoons. 


The baby seems to constantly put the spoon in their mouth the wrong way around; the chunky handle seems to be more interesting to chew on. 

The choke-guard on this only works if the baby is putting the spoon in their mouth the right way around. 


The guard actually impacts the way the baby can scoop food as it hits the edge of the bowl. 


These aren’t easy for spoon-feeding your baby, the short handle makes it easier for the spoon to be knocked out of your hand. 


The round-up: 

These spoons are a great concept but just didn't really work for us. Older babies and toddlers are more likely to be able to use the spoon, but by the stage they are able to use it you might be wanting to move to a complete cutlery set. 

Rating: 5/10

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