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Munchkin Miracle 360 Degree Trainer Cup

The product:

A training cup that allows a child to drink from anywhere around the 360 degree rim, whilst being leak free.


6 months+

What we love...

The cup comes in bright eye-catching colours.


The design allows babies and children to drink from the lip of a cup without making any mess, this should make it easier when transitioning to normal cups or beakers.


The cup can be drunk from any part of the rim as if it were a normal cup.


It really is non-spill; even if this is thrown on the floor with some force it’s unlikely to let liquid out.

What we loathe...

We’ve had little success in getting our product testers to drink from this. Speaking to other mums who have tried the product, it’s taken a lot of work and manipulation of the cup to encourage younger babies to drink. This is quite a lot of effort to go to with a younger baby. The cup is more suited to toddlers.


It’s not easy to tell if a child is actually drinking from it, there is no clear section to view water level on the cup; you really need to open it to see how much liquid is left.


It’s reasonably pricey considering you will need to buy a few.


The round-up

This cup is probably more suited to toddlers who are able to grasp how it works.


For babies and toddlers who are able to use it, the cup provides a spill free solution and encourages the correct skills to allow them to progress to a proper cup.


If your child is able to use it you will love it.  If not, it’s just really frustrating for everyone.

​Rating: 5/10

Munchkin Miracle 360 Degree Trainer Cup
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