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The product:

A non-slip bath mat with built-in bath seat. Designed to help support babies who are already able to sit up but lack stability. 


Features a hot water indicator. 


6 months +

What we love...

The bath seat allows babies who are able to sit up on their own the freedom to enjoy splashing around in their bath without the risk of slipping. 


As the seat has open sides it’s easy to get baby in and out.


The anti-slip mat contains a spot that changes colour when the bath is too hot, although we would worry about the accuracy and think a bath thermometer is always best.


The suction cups stick easily and securely to the bath. 


Unlike some other bath seats there are no sharp edges to rub against babies’ skin.

What we loathe...

The open sides of the bath seat still allow baby to slip out of it, however this risk is quite small. It should only be used for babies who can already sit up. Before this stage we would recommend a product like the Angelcare bath seat which is suitable from birth.


When draining the bath, the water doesn’t easily drain from the mat. There is a risk of mould growing if the mat is not removed and dried after each use. 


You may struggle using this bath mat if your bath already has anti-slip bumps or coating.


It is hard to wash your baby all over whilst they are in the bath seat.


The round up

This is a fantastic bath time solution to reduce the risk of accidents and allow babies to enjoy their bath. It’s important to realise that babies cannot be left unattended in this or any seat; it is designed to aid their balance only. 


It is frustrating that the mat needs to be removed and dried after each use.

Rating: 8.5/10

Mothercare Aqua Pod bath seat
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