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The product:

An innovative bottle teat designed to prevent nipple confusion and reduce the risk of colic.

Claims to improve latch and prevent lazy feeding.


Newborn +

What we love...

Before Minbie, we tried using a few popular market-leading brand bottles. Our tester was glugging down a whole 7oz (200ml) bottle in minutes even with a slow teat. This caused frustration when switching back to breastfeeding.

The Minbie bottle and teat stopped this. It slowed the baby down and feeding was visibly mimicking breastfeeding.


We can’t comment on reduction of colic as the bottles weren’t tested on a baby with colic. However they do have a system to balance the airflow, which you can see working during the feed.


Using their website chat function, Minbie customer service will help recommend the correct teat for you to buy. If you are going to combination feed (breast and bottle) then this is really important. The teats start at extra slow - a feature hard to find in other bottles.

What we loathe...

The bottles that you can purchase from Minbie are nothing special, but we’ve struggled to find other branded bottles which fit the teat and special lid correctly. This makes the whole set quite expensive.


Minbie bottles aren’t sold at major retailers - just through the Minbie website. This means that if you lose, break or forget your bottle it can be expensive and slow to get a replacement.


Minbie do bombard your social media accounts, which did make us doubt the hype to start with; it’s rare for truly great products to be so aggressively marketed.


The collar that holds the teat is tricky to attach to the bottle. The threads don't easily line up and it can take time to get the hang of it -frustrating when you’re in a rush.


There are only four parts to this bottle, including the lid. This helps make it quick and easy to clean.

The round-up:

We are really impressed with these teats and bottles, despite their price point and some niggles. They have undoubtedly helped with combination feeding since birth and have taken some of the stress out of feeding. They aren’t like anything else we have tried.

It’s important to remember that all babies are different and there is no guarantee a bottle will work for them.

These bottles are probably not worth the investment if your baby is being exclusively bottle-fed, unless you are struggling with getting them to take any bottle.

Rating: 9/10

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