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fisher price smart stages puppy.jpg

The product:

A soft toy with interactive buttons in its hands, feet, ear and heart - with 3 smart stages to grow with your baby through to toddler. Designed for 6 months plus but can be used before this.


The heart lights up in a variety of colours to match the button pressed or the colours of a song.

Introduces baby to numbers, colours, songs and body parts.


6 months +

What we love...

This toy really grabs even young babies’ attention with its light-up heart which changes colour. The songs have an educational element and the toy helps babies learn the skill of cause and effect. Pressing a button makes a certain sound.

At 3 months, our product tester was extremely interested in this puppy, with us pressing the buttons. She cooed and giggled at the puppy as if it were a living creature and is still continuing to do so at 7 months. The voice of this puppy is replicated in a number of other Fisher-Price toys so will be familiar to your baby if you buy anything else in the range.

It’s great to find toys that are English rather than American, which is particularly important with language development.


Importantly, this toy also has a switch hidden in the Velcro back, which allows you to turn the sound off or adjust it to one of two sound settings.

What we loathe...

As a parent the songs are bound to get stuck in your head. Be prepared to find yourself singing them when you’re on your own!

Although this is recommended from 6 months, don’t expect all babies to be able to be able to press the buttons at this age. A little trick to help you with this is to hold the heart down, which makes the puppy sing all of the songs on the current stage.

The round-up:

We’ve only dropped half a point here because this puppy is likely to drive parents slightly mad with the repetitive songs.

Babies and toddlers love this toy, so will play with it for many months. Although the RRP is £19.99 it’s usually possible to buy it for around £14, which we think is a bargain for hours of entertainment.

This really is a must-buy for us!

Rating 9.5/10

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