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Inovi Cocoon travel cot
Inovi Cocoon

The product:
A light-weight travel cot, with a removable insect net, good for keeping
young babies away from cats and dogs.

Newborn to 6 months

What we love... ​
If you’re in the garden at home or away on holiday, it’s great to know your
little one is protected from insects. Unlike some other cots, there are no
gaps for mozzies to sneak in.

The net also keeps inquisitive cats and dogs out whilst around the house.
The basket fits a standard Sleepyhead, which means young babies can be
snuggled up.

What we loathe...
The mattress on this is far too thin for babies to sleep on comfortably.
There are Moses basket mattresses available that easily fit and enough
space in the travel bag to fit one, as long as it is able to be folded in half.

When not in use, the insect net gets in the way and it’s possible for older
babies to kick the net and flip it down into the cot. It is possible to remove
the whole net from the top of the cot. Zipping the net up may also wake
more sound-sensitive babies.

The round-up:
This is probably a bit pricey as, due to its size, you only you only get
around 6 months use from it. On top of this, you will probably want to buy a padded Moses mattress to make sure baby is comfortable, or use
a Sleepyhead if you have one.
It’s fantastic to use as a lightweight Moses basket, both around the house
and whilst travelling.
There are a few little niggles, mainly with the way the insect net functions,
but overall this is a great product.

Rating: 7/10

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