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The product:

Extremely light, ultra compact buggy. Folds down small enough to comply with aircraft hand luggage restrictions.


6 months to 4 years

What we love... ​

This really is super light and small, whilst being comfortable for a baby.  It’s small enough to be pushed down the aisle of most aircraft or trains. It fits into the overhead luggage compartment, meaning you don’t need to wait to get to the luggage carousel to get your buggy as many airports no longer deliver them to the door of the aircraft.

If you purchase adaptors separately (around £20) you can also attach a number of car seats to the chassis.

Using the car seat adaptors you can also attach a GB Cot2Go to make this buggy suitable from birth. 

The price of this buggy is extremely reasonable, and lasting until 4 years means you will get your money’s worth.

What we loathe...

It’s a shame this buggy doesn't recline flat for naps, although our little tester hasn't had any issues napping in it yet!

This isn’t a one-handed fold; it would be difficult to fold this whilst holding a baby.

Like most lightweight buggies this doesn't offer much protection from the sun, and only has a small sun canopy.

There is very little ground clearance, which can make going up high kerbs a little tricky. The buggy is described as “all terrain” which it definitely isn’t, but it’s great for city breaks.

The basket is small, and the lightweight structure of the buggy means you can’t hang a heavy changing bag onto it without risking it tipping over. This means you will probably end up carrying a changing bag, or travelling with less.

There isn’t any suspension, which feels a little odd at first, but babies enjoy the bumpy ride.

The height of the handles isn’t adjustable and would be suitable for someone under about 5 foot 5 inches tall, if you’re taller than that you might get a little bit of strain on your back if you push it for a while.

The round-up:

This buggy is perfect for holidays and trips on public transport, or for having folded in the boot of the car for short trips. It also fits in the foot-well in front of a car seat.  This isn’t likely to be your primary buggy.

The buggy feels a little rickety, this is due to the folding mechanism and we’ve actually found it sturdy to use.

There aren’t many buggies that can be folded up and taken onto an aircraft, certainly not in this price bracket.

It would be great if this came with a bag to fold it into; this currently has to be purchased separately. We would also love to see a full blackout/sunshade that can be attached for travel to sunny countries.

Rating: 7/10

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