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The product:

​An attention-grabbing toy designed to encourage babies to crawl. With three stages to cater for different levels of movement.

Stage 1 – the removable bee is easy for baby to pick up and rattle. It remains upright when on the floor.

Stage 2- for crawling beginners. The cloud and bee move across the floor in circles, playing music and flashing lights.

Stage 3 – for advanced crawlers. The cloud and bee move in random patterns with music and lights, encouraging babies to chase it.

When the bee is removed, the cloud stops and spins, flashing lights.


5 months +

What we love...

This really has been designed to attract babies’ attention.

The lights flash brightly even in daylight.

The sounds are reminiscent of Mario Karts and have two volume levels.

Different stages allow the toy to grow with your baby.

What we loathe...

The sensor on the toy has room for improvement. It often gets stuck on furniture and other obstacles and needs an adult to set it free.

It’s a shame the toy doesn’t play a few more tunes; like most audio toys it feels pretty repetitive. This is fine for babies but a bit annoying for parents.

The cloud works best on hard surfaces or rubberised play mats and struggles a bit more on carpeted surfaces, which slow it down.

It’s a bit pricey but there isn’t really anything similar currently on the market.

The round-up:

This is a great interactive toy and babies really engage with it. It’s brilliant for encouraging movement  but needs a level, hard floor to perform well.

The sensor could be better. If it were able to avoid bumping into objects and getting stuck it would allow baby to play with it more freely.

Rating: 7/10

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