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Doidy Cup
Doidy Cup
Doidy cup

The product:

A slanted cup, designed to encourage children to drink from an open cup.


From about 6 months +

What we love...

The small handles are designed to be easily held by little hands.


Drinking from an open cup, rather than a spouted cup or bottle is recommended to encourage oral and speech development. Using the Doidy cup also helps with the transition to normal cups.


There has been far less coughing and spluttering since testing this cup and water consumption has doubled.


This cup can also be used for adults suffering from dementia and those with learning difficulties.


The cup comes in a wide range of colours.


It’s really affordable at £3.80

What we loathe...

The handles mean this cup may not fit in the cup holders on a highchair tray.


If your baby does decide to throw this on the floor or tip it up the whole contents will spill.


Because the cup doesn’t come with a lid, it’s not possible to take it out-and-about.


The round up

This cup has really helped with the big step of drinking from open cups. The slant in the cup not only allows baby to see the water level in her cup, but also helps control the flow.


We’ve had to drop marks because this isn’t a suitable cup to take out with you, you will also be mopping up a lot of water when baby decides to throw it on the floor.

Rating: 7/10

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