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Doidy Bowl
Doidy Bowl

The product:

Suction based, flexible silicone bowl.  Designed to encourage self-feeding.


Recommended from 6 months +

What we love...

Because the bowl is flexible even the best attempts at smacking it off the highchair tray make little impact. In the unlikely event it does get knocked off the highchair tray the bowl is soft and won’t break or make a loud sound.


The size of the bowl makes it perfect for baby led weaning, allowing a selection of foods in one bowl.


The angled design helps babies learn to scoop food against the sides with their spoon.

What we loathe...

The only thing we really dislike about the bowl is food gathering at the join between the bowl and the suction-pad, you need to ensure you flex the bowl when washing to make sure it’s clean.


It would be great if this bowl had a lid to take it out and about or protect uneaten food between meals.


The bowl comes in three colours; red, blue and pink. It’s a shame there isn’t a good range of colours like the Doidy cup.


The round up

This bowl is great the suction is super strong and easily sticks to a highchair tray. It even sticks to our wooden table. Unlike some other bowls, there isn’t a need to re-stick this during a meal.


Our baby product tester has enjoyed eating from the bowls and found it easy to access the food, using the sides to help scoop food. She also enjoyed flexing the sides of the bowl as entertainment whilst eating.

Rating: 10/10

Doidy Bowl
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