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Diono traverze
Diono Traverze
Diono Traverze

The product:

Compact lightweight buggy with one-handed fold. Telescopic handle allows the buggy to be wheeled along like a suitcase when folded.

Folded dimensions: Height – 60cm, Width – 41.5cm, Depth – 23.5cm


Newborn +

What we love...

Our baby absolutely loved looking through the Peekaboo window. The seat is forward facing only, so the window is really important for reassurance.


It is possible to fold this buggy one handed, as long as the basket is empty.

The brake is described as flip-flop friendly, making it great for summer travels.


The pocket on the back of the canopy is very useful for storing a purse, phone and other small items for quick access.


Telescopic handle allows the buggy to be pulled along when folded; this means you don't have to carry it.


The buggy comes with a weatherproof travel cover; many brands make you purchase this separately.


The seat of this buggy reclines flat. In addition it has extra leg support using the telescopic handle. This allows older babies and toddlers to stretch out.


The structure of the frame means it works well with the Snoozeshade (purchase separately), for providing babies with a dark place to sleep.


There is good suspension on this lightweight buggy; it handles bumps on city streets really well.


What we loathe...

We tested the buggy in a yellow colour. The fabric showed stains and dribble but the pads are easy to remove and wash. The buggy does come in a variety of colours and some may be more forgiving. However you may favour the yellow for visibility.


The folded dimensions of the buggy exceed the hand luggage allowance for most airlines but the travel bag and telescopic handle mean it’s easier to check-in.


The handle bar is not adjustable so may not be comfortable for those who are very short/tall. It was the perfect height for our tester at 5 foot 6.


There is no bumper bar, which makes it more challenging to attach toys to the buggy.


The Traverze claims to hold a cabin size bag in its basket. We found the basket was restricted by the telescopic handle. Despite this it still had good capacity for a lightweight buggy.


The depth of the seat is a bit shallow, whilst it works well for smaller babies and toddlers we aren’t convinced it will be as comfortable for larger babies without the extra seat extension/footrest being used.

The buggy isn’t car seat compatible, which is a shame when travelling.


The round-up

This handles well compared to other lightweight buggies; the buggy turns easily and manages bumps well.


It is easy to fold one -handed and is well-designed for travel. It may fit into the overhead luggage compartment on some planes but many airlines would make you put this in the hold.  Despite this, we would highly recommend it for city use; it’s small enough to use on an escalator and leaves space in your car boot when folded.


Although the seat lays flat and is suitable for new-born babies, you would need to strap them in using the 5-point harness. We think this is more suitable to use for an older baby who is in the seated position.

​Rating: 8/10

Diono Traverze
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