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The product:

​A pop-up travel cot and playpen with built-in insect netting and blackout blinds. Designed for babies.


6 months to 18 months

What we love...

​This is a lightweight solution to take on holiday. It has UV protection built in, although it can get hot if left in direct sunlight.

The cot has loops inside to hang toys to keep the baby entertained.

It packs into its own bag and is lightweight. It’s small enough to fit inside most travel cots provided by hotels if your aim is to keep the baby away from a mattress that’s been used by others.

When travelling abroad it’s great to know you can zip it up and keep your baby safe from mosquitos and other insects at night. The blackout shades are also useful if your baby is sleeping in a bright room, although they won’t make the inside of the cot completely dark.

What we loathe...

​The mattress in this probably isn’t thick enough for a baby to sleep in it for more than a few nights unless it is on a soft surface, but it does fold really small, so we can’t really expect much. It is a little difficult to put a sheet on it as it can come off at the corners.

Unfortunately the pod is a little bit of a hassle to assemble and take apart. It does pop-up, but then needs support rods. This is fine when using as a cot, but more of a problem if you’re on the beach.

You might not want to be using the same cot outside on the ground as a playpen that you are then going to get your baby to sleep in at night.

Although the product is lightweight it takes up a lot of room in a suitcase, if you’re travelling with a car seat in a bag your airline might let you pop it inside.

The round-up:

​We like this product mainly for keeping a baby shaded whilst outside or to keep insects at bay.  The cot takes up too much room to pack into a suitcase for holiday, although it’s handy for journeys when you’re taking the car.

It doesn’t seem ultra comfortable for babies but we didn't get any complaints.

It’s important you don't put this on a high surface without securing it as the baby could roll and tip the cot.


Rating: 7/10

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