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RRP £19.99 available for purchase at

The product:

A travel bottle drying rack with its own bottle and teat brushes, which folds up into a case.



What we love...

Knowing that the rack could be closed up and kept clean. It came apart easily enough to be washed and sterilised in a sink whilst away.


It’s great having an integrated brush which stays clean and protected within the case. 

What we loathe...

There just isn’t enough space on this rack. It can hold a bottle with its lid and not much more. It really needs drying racks in both sides of the case to double the capacity. We ended up using the lid of the case to dry bottles.


It’s not clear if replacement brushes are available or if the whole unit needs to be replaced when the brush is too old.

The round-up:

This product doesn't hit the mark for us. We love the fact the rack houses the brush but think there should be a drying rack on either side of this case as there just isn’t enough capacity.

Rating: 4/10

Boon Travel 2.jpg
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