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RRP £5 available for purchase at

The product:

A silicone feeder designed to reduce mess and help with teething.


Suitable for 6 months +

What we love... ​

You can use this with both purees and soft fruits and vegetables. Because of the size of the holes there’s no risk of choking.

It really reduces mess and saves on food waste. It’s ideal to help your baby improve her hand-to-mouth coordination.

Unlike other mesh feeders, it’s so easy to clean. It only has two parts (plus a lid) and there are no small gaps for mould to grow.  

The lid makes it great for use on the go. Once the cap is back on the feeder is sealed and won’t leak into your bag.

This has a large capacity so one filling is an ideal snack for your baby,  but you will be refilling it mid-meal for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

This silicone feeder is a little larger than most on the market. It’s an ideal shape for babies to chew on to ease their sore gums. You can also put cold or frozen food in it to help ease the pain.

What we loathe...

The silicone can stain easily, although it doesn't look great it doesn't impact how it works.

The round-up

This has made mealtimes and snack times less messy and more fun. The product helps with baby led weaning. It’s proved to be a popular soother for teething.

Rating: 10/10

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